Facebook’s five future of work predictions in 2021

Facebook’s five future of work predictions in 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the future of work forever. And Facebook’s (FB) Workplace vice president, Karandeep Anand, has five key predictions on what 2021 will look like for the global workforce as well as new practices that will take place.

In a first look with Yahoo Finance, Facebook’s Anand outlined some of his thoughts, and will publish his full findings later on Tuesday.

“In recent memory, there has almost certainly never been a year that upended the nature of work as much as 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, companies around the world scrambled to keep their operations running by deploying new technologies, at scale, to let their workers do their jobs remotely,” he said.

“Now, as the dust settles, companies can see what was effective, and what wasn’t, about the experiment of remote work in 2020, and what they must do differently as it becomes the norm. As we move towards 2021, we envision a new world in which advanced technologies merge with evolving philosophies of work.”

Prediction 1: Frontline workers will be at the centre of decision-making, with “career frontliners” being the norm

In 2020, low-skilled or frontline workers have been repositioned as “essential workers” — further bolstering the new landscape of how we approach the world of work.

Anand points out that these workers — from delivery drivers and retail staff to teachers and doctors — will be at the centre of company decisions moving forward.

“Companies are starting to realise the invaluable and unique insights these workers, who are traditionally the first touch-point with customers, can bring back to their organisations,” he said.

“Businesses are now trying to make the working lives of these employees easier, by centralizing tools for tasks like getting shifts covered or sharing critical health and safety information with them instantly, on their mobile phones.”

Prediction 2: Health and wellbeing will be the new corporate KPI

The coronavirus pandemic has not just placed financial stress on companies and its employees but also the mental burden of working through a crisis and also balancing the physical and mental health implications.

“Companies have never been more aware that happy employees are those whose work has impact beyond the organization. Study after study shows that a sense of purpose is key to job satisfaction, and companies know that motivating workers means aligning their self-fulfillment with business goals,” said Anand.

In 2021, Anand predicts that corporate social responsibility and looking after employees’ health won’t be an added benefit anymore — it’ll be embedded in company goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Businesses now realize they must do more to provide employees a social safety net. Those heeding that lesson will gain a major leg up on competitors, in areas like employee loyalty, retention, and productivity, versus those that don’t,” he said.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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