Second City Offices [where HLAA Chi-LP usually meets] Destroyed in Old Town Extra-Alarm Fire

Piper’s Alley was evacuated as firefighters worked to put out the blaze

Two Chicago firefighters were injured while battling an intense three-alarm fire that was sparked in a restaurant kitchen in Old Town.

At least one other person suffered injuries from the thick black smoke that billowed near Wells Street and North Avenue, according to fire media. Both firefighters were listed in stable condition.

The fire started in a storefront at 1612 N. Wells just south of The Second City comedy club. Adobo Grill restaurant occupies the first floor of the three-story building while apartments occupy the remaining two floors. At one point the out-of-control flames were shooting through the top of the building’s nearly collapsed roof.

Upon further investigation, the Office of Fire Investigation identified an accident in Adobo Grill’s first-floor kitchen as the cause of the fire. The flames then quickly traveled upwards through the restaurant’s vents.

After trying to fight the flames for more than an hour, crews were still unable to put out the angry blaze and the fire was elevated to a 3-11 alarm.

The Second City theater remained safe as of 2:30 p.m., but their offices were destroyed. All showings for Wednesday evening were canceled, the comedy club announced on Twitter.

As the fire spread to the roof officials worked to keep flames from spreading to nearby buildings, including nearby Piper’s Alley mall and the building that houses the Second City theater, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

Piper’s Alley and the Second City faculty and training center were evacuated as firefighters worked to put out the blaze, Langford said.


[Looks like we’ll continue meeting at the surrounding libraries longer than we anticipated.]

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